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It's morphin' time!

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Up until now, my program has been compile-time scaleable. That is to say, I've written a header file of #defines, and written my code with those defines in mind, so that I could change some, and have the code compile perfectly with the new settings.

These settings included changes to resolution, spacers between the window components, number of tiles on the x and y axis in my tileset.bmp file, etc.

This algorithm will be no more. Today, I will convert absolutely everything into an object, and truncate variables where the defines once stood. Arrays will also be redefined as vectors.

This means that the map's size, the window's size, and everything else that was once compile-time scaleable will now be run-time scaleable, and you will be able to do things like drag windows around, resize the map, add tilesets, etc.

Thus, I close the file for another day's work.
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What exactly is Civsim? Is it a strategy game of some sorts or a sand box type thing (Sim City,Rollor Coaster Tycoon, etc.)? Or something totally diffrent?

Well whatever it is, it looks good. [smile]

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Just a thought... can you put the main description in the footer, and then just add a link down to it? I dislike having to scroll past it all the time ;)

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