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Almost done...

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Evil Steve


Well, I'm almost finished with Bomberman. I've pretty much just got to do the AI now. I've moved the AI into a DLL, just for the hell of it. And it'll allow anyone who can be bothered to create a new AI for it.

I redesigned map 1, here's a screenshot:
Map 1

I'm also going to add some small particle effects for when you blow up bricks, and some sound effects. But that'll take about an hour at most to code.

I haven't got a clue how to do the AI. Anyone want to do it for me? ;)
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Very simple starting AI for deciding to put a bomb:
for each frame - flood fill the adversary's position by 1 square, and it's own position by one square - check if any of your flooded squares have visible lines to the enemy's flooded squares, if so place a bomb, if not, expand the flooding until they do, then place the bomb there (you'll have to determine the path to that point, but that should be trivial)

Overriding "save your a$$" AI - for all bombs currently on the map, if your ai player is within blast range, flood fill from your player until you find a square that isn't in the blast range - move the player there. if the player isn't currently on the blast range, then go for the bomb placement routine.

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I like the map design, but can you get some graphics that have a bit more contrast? Its hard for me to decipher where the tiles start/end.

Keep up the great work!

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alexmoura: Thanks, I'll give that a go. I've never done AI before (I don't know how I haven't), so I really don't have a clue where to start :)

H_o_p_s: Yeah, I'm not too fond of the graphics either. Hooray for programmer art ;) I'll find some better ones before I release the game. The map file allows for up to 16 textures on a map (each tile is a BYTE in the map file, and uses the upper 4 bits for flags, the lower 4 for texture ID).

I'm going to put of doing the AI some more by doing absolutely anything else I can :P At the moment the AI is in DLL, so I can add better ones if I want, and so others can try to write an AI if they desperately want to.

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