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Here lies dedicated time. May he rest in peace.

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As of today (since it's AM now), I am officially in the middle of a massive move from one residence to another. As such, I will probably not be properly situated until monday.

The interesting thing is, my job begins monday. I have had the greater fraction of every day to spend on coding, and now that dedicated time has come to an end.

Development time isn't abolished, yet merely cut into 1/4 of the original. However, that does not mean that I'll spend every moment in the workplace putting my mind to finding solutions to algorithms I would have merely sat in front of the monitor and pondered. This won't eliminate all of the down-time, but it should help with quite a bit.

I will not give up on this project just because immediate issues are clogging the arteries of my digital practice.

Edit: As an update on progess so far, I have successfully converted many logical concepts in my program to Object-Oriented algorithms. I can now drag around the map, and will add that 'draggable' functionality to the tile-view (4x4 tileset to choose your bush from), the brush-preview (the brush surrounded by a black square. It's the current brush you have), and the brush buttons (the type and size buttons that show gray when unselected, and red when selected)

Screenshots will come soon.
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