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Well, today I decided to download the new OGRE 1.0.0 release after ignoring it for a little while.

I had downloaded a previous version, but it seemed overwhelming to start with, and so I abandoned it. Me hearing that it took over an hour to build didn't help my decision either.

So I downloaded it, and tried to set it up, but it needed STLPort to run. Downloaded that, and fiddled with the install for a bit, and whaddya know? OGRE compiles and runs [smile]. Very little hassle this time to get up and running, and the graphics look surprisingly good IMO, especially for it being free. OGRE seems promising. There were only a few of the samples that I couldn't get running, but I liked what I saw, particularly the smoke demo [grin].

I'm not exactly sure what I might do with OGRE now, but it's nice to know that I have it running [lol]. The OGRE wiki looks interesting, so I may check it out.
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