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Spring cleaning

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Today I wasn't in the mood for writting code, so I spent some time cleaning the existing code. For example, I decided to get rid of the magic window from the BM client (which was inherited from the Eternal Lands client), and the items quickbar had the same fate as the magic window. The magic part from the server has to go as well, because, in BM, the magic will be different. Besides, the magic code on the Eternal Lands server is TEH SUKC, very hackish, and I always wanted to rewrite it when I had some time. Now I won't have to worry about rewritting it.
After all this is done, I will do some client work, in particular implementing the new icons (BM will have a lot of icons for every task, such as an icon for plantign seeds, one for cutting down trees, one for enriching the soil, etc.) which will be positioned on the right part of the screen, where the quick item access bar is on Eternal Lands. Then I have to implement some new windows, such as the plant seed window, where you will have a list with all the seeds you have, and you chose which seed to plant.
This will be a little difficult, since I didn't work at the client for more than 1 year, and others changed the windows handling code, making it more flexible. Which is good, but I have to learn how the new system works.
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