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sunday woes

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I don't like cold weather, it makes me not want to go places.

I spend my days off at home, I want to go places.

T.V. Sucks, they should not charge for cable. The sponcers do this already.

I pay way too much for Cable + Internet.

I get board easy.

I hate being board.

I smoke too many cigarettes when I drink coffee at home.

I can only kill people for so long. (CS:S)

I almost don't like my days off.

That should cover it. I feel better.

Game stuff has me a little down. I had an idea that I should test the sphere for the first collision in the timeframe. Move time up to this point, and allow for responce. Test the remaining time and do the same until we pass all the time. But I guess it does not work too well yet, I still get jerks and non-reported collisions as the frame time get longer.

Well, I have not played any CS:S yet today, I didnt want to get burnt out on it too early. It just might be all that I do for the rest of today. Aside from lurking around here.
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