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Most. Unproductive. Week. Ever.

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Title says it all really, and things were going so well [sad]

Week before last, I was on fire... well, not in a "omfg! flames!" sense, but in a "omfg! code!" sense. I was getting to grips with the Source SDK, things were starting to work out after spending far too many hours while half asleep at the start of the week (sunday afternoon/monday morning) trying to work out why my changes didnt take effect in some code (it turned out, its because while the .cpp file was in the build enviroment it WASNT PART OF THE SP SDK! *stabs Valve in the face*).

However, on monday I had two days to hit a deadline, so it was all hands to the keyboard and type like mad. I'm still learning how the SDK works however so I was going to have to settle for some simple things which I had plenty of time to get done: 24hs of coding time to impliment a client side curve, pish easy...

or so I thought...

I managed to get a nice curve going, huzzah! HOWEVER for some reason the varibles werent being sent across the network properly; server side they were fine, client side (r,g,b,a) had become (g,b,a,0) and two other varibles were showing signs of drift.. I worked and worked on it, and I STILL cant see whats wrong.

In the end I missed the deadline and resolved to rebuild it from the ground up next week (this week just gone).

However, things didnt goto plan it seems and due to personal reasons I had a mild case of insanity compounded by borderline depression for a week, which isnt going to do much for your concentration/motivation/any-other-ation you care to name... bah.

So, this week my plans are;
monday - go out, drink, see the reason for my insanity and NOT go insane
tueday to saturday - code like a man who will have large attack dogs set on 'im if he doesnt.
(might be a slight lie, I might go out saturday, get drunk and lament about how I wasted another week)
sunday - rest, confidant in a job well done.

But first, I need to stop one of my harddrives imploding on me [sad]
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