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Ols (Away)

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Ols - pixellated textures

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Just noticed that i havent updated for quite a while now and I know that my viewing public - starngely there are a number of you out there - will be greatly disappointed by this. Hopefully this update will keep you all entertained on a nice monday morning - probably at a time where I am either sleeping or else attempting to force myself to try to start looking at considering doing some more programming.

So, what has happened in the last few days I hear you ask - or else the voices in my head are back. You will be delighted to know that the AI is now working at an almost flawless level. The AI cars 'see' the track with an impressive amount of precision and can, generally faultlessly, find their way around it using said skill.

As ever though, once this mountain has been climbed there is another even one in front of me. This time I am working on collision detection, and not really having much luck at the moment.

OK, time to explain in more tech-speak. I am trying to make the sprites detect each other when they overlap - for obvious reasons - (in fact BEFORE they overlap) but I have to ignore the alpha parts of the sprite as these are not visible. (Looking back this is not particulalry technical, but I am aware that some very un-tech minded and bored individuals will be reading this.)

Currently looking at methods to achieve this, but have recently been informed that my idea for real-time lock and capture of data from the sprite is not particularly feasible. Back to the drawing board :<

Well, that's it for the time being. I know that I keep saying that I will put up some screenshtos soon - the game really does exist - its just laziness that has prevented me from doing so I think, and also the fact that whenever the game is running I am too busy playing around with it and checking for errors to consider capturing the screen. Will try my best to do it this week I am sure you will be delighted to hear.

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