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I uploaded the Windows version of Muffins (you can get the version for other platforms here) to the GD Showcase.

I thought I'd say a bit more about it -- Muffins is a game I built for a quick thing to play with my friends in lectures. As I cleaned up the code and played it some more with my buddies and added maps, I felt that I should port it to Windows and Linux from my ever-present Powerbook.

As such, the enemy AI is fairly lacking (some people will call them "retardedly suicidal") but they can put up a decent fight.

I recommend you download it from the GD Showcase, if only to increment the little value that says "Downloads".

It's very fun with 2 players. If my laptop had a bigger keyboard I probably would have added four! [wink]
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Muffins's AI is pretty lacking... on the second map I didn't even get a chance to try and kill them, they killed themselves :)

Good work though!

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Well, like I said, it was a dorm-room hotseat game. :) The AI was just on-hand to make lonely people feel less bad about themselves.

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