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Schedule Whacked, Not Working

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I threw off my schedule already..

I've been on Spring Break for just a few days and already I've screwed up my sleep schedule. I couldn't sleep last night, I layed in bed for an hour last night trying to sleep until Andrew ended up turning on the TV because he was up too, then I didn't get to sleep until like 10am.

Now it's 6AM the next day and I'm up, after sleeping from like 10:30am until 6:45pm. I'll probably get to bed soon, I've become like completely nocturnal in 2 days.

I was off to a good start, I wrote some OpenAL code, and documented a ton of code I had written, also reworked my exception class heirarchy. Then I decided to try compiling boost::python.. which is why I was up until 10am.

When I woke up I played with it some more, downloaded SWIG but got distracted learning SCons. I've got a reasonable SConstruct file built, it's better already than my makefile.

I ran out of Cheers on TiVo, so I'm not sure what I'll do while I try to go to sleep.

note to self: get some real food tomorrow, lunchables and goldfish isn't cutting it

Noticed I only seem to post when I've been up all night.. oh well, that means I'll probably post a lot this week
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