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Almost done (still)

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Evil Steve


Well, I finally got some better graphics. The steel texture still sucks though, I'll have to do something to that.

And I still haven't done much to the AI. I've been thinkingtoo much about my next project(s).

I'll make a multiplayer chess program, since a 1 player one will be stupidly hard to make the AI even half-brained. I'll also do (yet another) MUD. I'll do them both at the same time, so I can get some kind of varation when I'm coding.
I haven't totally worked out the details of the MUD, but I'll have some kind of stamina which decreases as you move around. The more equipment you have (the heavier you are), the faster your stamina runs down. That way, if you want to go wandering about for a long time, you need to carry some food with you, but not too much, otherwise you'r stamina will run down too fast. It'll also allow me to cut off some areas of the map from novice players, since they'll have low stamina, and won't be able to make it to the next town without dying.
I'll also have player vs player combat, but you'll only be able to attack people who are within 3 or 4 levels of you. That aught to stop people going and mollesting newbies. I might also (or instead) have a way that you can flag yourself as wanting PvP. That way you can decide that you don't want to participate in player combat.
I need to work out some formulas for damage and things, since that's what's sucked in the last 2 versions of my MUD. You either missed all the time, or you killed things instantly.

Well, this'll do for now. I hope to get bomberman finished completely by wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Then I'll chuck it in my showcase.
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My dude just sits around on his ass and waits to be blown up. Your guys take the initative and do it themselfs ;)

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