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Pot Dealing Artist

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  • Added cube, teapot, and torus models to the shader editor

  • Increased the individual editor display resolutions

  • Fixed a subset reordering error. Fast fix thanks to STL

  • Greatly increased the speed of my static model exporters

  • Added a new dialog window to setup lights and projected textures

I discovered over the weekend that I sold my first few pot plants. I knew I'd make my parent's proud! Ok they're virtual plants but, hey, what did you expect? Back in December I made a few models and put them on turbosquid.com. I am so totally stoked to see that I have actually sold two of them in just two months! After turbosquid took their cut I made a grand total of 9 bucks and some change. YESSS!! Half a tank of gas! Does this mean I'm now a professional artist AND an overreacting fool!? [smile]

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There's no way around it I guess. I'll have to start making some grow lights now so I can have a decent virtual cover-business for my little operation. [smile]

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