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Technical problems in Eternal Lands

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Today Rogue updated the server, to include some code from Barren Moon (we improved the text comamnds handling code). Besides for that, a few other minor modifications regarding the AI were made.
Everything was well until the server crashed. Then we used the last good binary version, until figuring out what cuased the crash (unfortunately the server was compiled without debugging info).
I talked with Rogue a little and discussed possible solutions to this problem. Eventually we added some debug code (some extra logs) after which we restarted the server again, using the unstable but now with debugging code and info, so we can see what causes the crash. Of course, we can't see that until the server crashes again.
Well, anyway, 30 minutes after that restart the whole god damn server went down, physically. In fact, other servers on the same data center are down as well, and we have no idea WTF is wrong. Our sys admin (and the owner of the server) is sleeping (he lives in France). So until he wakes up we can't really know what happened. Hopefully this will be solved soon, as no one really likes downtime. But then again, we don't pay for that server, and our players don't pay to play, so we can't really complain.
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Fortuantely, it works now. Still don't know what was the problem, perhaps a network outage of some sort.

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Just out of curiosity (probaly a random question), are you going to use the same network architecture and library as what you used in eternal lands? Have you been happy with your network layout in eternal lands?

If I recall, you used SDL_net, right?



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Yes, we are going to use the same libraries, and the same network protocols/format. The skeleton will basically be the same, with some code removed, some modified, and a lot of new code added.

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