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expressionism to cubism

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Had some progress with the dampener - although I ended up cheating a bit and bleeding speed artificially from all objects on the scene, I still need to thoroughly debug the dampener code.

On the meanwhile, got a little improved wireframe drawing of the blocks in GDI - first attempt:

Obviously in need of some work - had several small bugs that were causing different components of the corners to be centered differently, and was projecting it on both sides of the Z axis, causing perspective inversion of one side of the cube - weird stuff.
Also, Here I had a simplified drawing scheme - I just drew lines from each corner to all others :)

and finally, the two blocks, spining around each other - added the numbers while trying to figure out the issues with the previous screen shot:

-Cleaning up the dampener, and see if I can do without the artificial friction.
-Draw the spring?
-GDI backbuffer - flickering like heck right now
-Start thinking about implementing collisions, and actual friction.
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