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Hey hey, lots of things to update about.

Wellp, first off is my newest (i say that..2 months old) project, which is a side scrolling shooter...yeah, i lovee those games, and i figured a couple-a guys and i would throw one together.

Right now im working on the sprite system, and how im going to get collision detection to work with sprites that are of all varying sizes. Interestante. Like, for example, i will have a sprite that is animating the ship 'slowing', and when i switch back to the regular flight one the X and Y coordinates are the same, so it snaps back to it. Still workin on it, but will get it figured out soon enough.

Also, im trying to write a routine that will allow me to draw shapes ('regions') that are a combination of straight and curved lines (have the algorithms written for those already), and have the 'line' come back around to the point of origin. Theennn, i have to be able to redraw that exact line every time, starting off with a completely random shape. How do you store that shape information based off the first completely random one? I dunno..oh well. Oh yeah, and i have to draw about 1000 regions in one map. Tough stuff.

Off to bed then, audios.


ps. Oh yeah, JAMIE FOXX WON BEST ACTOR. But they stiffed Scorcese...oh well.
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