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Mario Brothers

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I'm not sure why but this screenshot really reminded me of one of the super mario brother levels... It also shows everything that I've been working on except for Actor stuff.... Anyway, I thought that it would be nice to get away from all of the DirtyRect Algo stuff for a bit...

As far as I can tell, I think that I need to drop using BufferStrategy and manually implement a triple buffering system. One is the screen buffer, one is the back buffer, and the other is a storage buffer for the dirty rect stuff. I just don't see how I can do it with BufferStrategy because it does not allow you to access the bufferedimage itself, only the Graphics2D aspect of it. And I don't think that you can make a bufferedimage from a graphics2D reference....


Time for bed. Won't have school tomorrow because of all the snow here, so plenty of time for programming tomorrow!
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