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Interview and stuff

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Yesterday I got an email from one of the companies I'd sent my resume to, and they'd like to interview me. Luckily for me, I had just booked tickets to go to Oxford at the end of March, and that was fine for them.

Work on the shootemup and version 0.2a of Daedalus is going very slowly. The VS2002 compiler refuses to compile my project since the last changes to the resource manager, so I've 'ported' to Dev-C++. That compiles it fine. Just for giggles I downloaded the Express Beta 1, and luckily that also compiles my project. So it seems that I'm going to be switching IDE. I'll probably be using both Dev-C++ and Express, since I'm aiming multiplatform here.
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You could attempt to swap out the VS2002 compiler with the VC2003 toolkit compiler. I heard many people have done it successfully.

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Yes, I have also tried that. The compiling went fine, but I got a linker error about fopen. I googled for that and apparently people have had troubles mixing libraries and code from different compiler versions. So I recompiled all the libraries as well, but still got the error. I haven't been able to fix it yet.

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