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Some work, some sleep

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I'm still up.. so keeping with tradition, I'm posting.

I think I've been distracted lately, I've been pretty bored, and I really want to hear from Kelly. The only good news today was that I finally got all of my grades. My physics grade (pretty much the only one I wasn't too sure about) came in, I got a 4.0 this quarter, which makes me happy because last quarter I got a 3.75, mainly because I did terribly on a midterm.

I didn't get much work done today, I played a lot with python and wrote some scripts to convert nova/photon-old code to photon code.

I realize I never really explained what I was working on, so I figure I'll lay it out now.

A while ago I made something that quite a few people have used or heard of, ZEngine. I hated ZEngine since version 0.8.1 or so, and instead of releasing 0.9 I split the project, rewriting almost all of the inside, and 80% of the public interface.

I generally refer to this split as nova or photon-old. (for the curious it was briefly named nova, then renamed to photon before I left the project in favor of another)

After a long period of not getting much done, I decided to return to nova/photon-old, and that is what photon is. It's an OpenGL library, mainly for personal use, similar in features (but not design, implementation, or coding style) to ZEngine.

I'm going to lay out what has to be done on photon, perhaps that will encourage me:

  • VideoCore

  • Application class reconfiguration

  • ResourceManager implementations

  • video::Texture class (test)

  • util::ResourceFile

  • video::Color,video::Pen,video::Font

  • move OpenAL beyond setup

Alright, well.. I'm going to get to bed.. I'd bet on seeing another post in roughly 24 hours.
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