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MUD, Mud, mud...

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Evil Steve


Well, I've taken a day off from Bomberman to get some stuff sorted out for my MUD. I've got a very rough outline of the various physical attributes and skills, and I've got a thread in the Multiplayer and Network Programming forum trying to determine if async sockets or multi-threaded blocking sockets would be better. I'm not expecting a vast interest, but I want to be able to cope with a large number of players just in case. Besides, I know that certain people *cough*Programmer_One*cough* would like to flood test it. He found that my second MUD could easily be destroyed by logging in, creating an account, and logging out. Except I think he got up to something around 20,000 accounts before I realised what he was doing.
Version 3 (which was more of a prototype, testing some ideas) got around that by limiting account creation to 1 per IP, per day.
Anyway, I'm going offtopic slightly...

I need to find a good scripting engine too. I might have a look at the Lua source, and the Lua lisence, and then attempt to Uh... modify it. I tried making my own scripting engine a while ago, but I just got annoyed with it, and it turned into a mess. And I don't want to hard-code stuff in a DLL like I did with my first MUD. It was all well and good until a small mistake brought the server down.

So, if anyone can suggest a good scripting language (I've only tried Lua, and it's absolute murder to bind to C/C++ code), feel free to let me know. I seem to recall that Raduprv said in his post mortem for Eternal Lands, that Small was good for their purposes, so I'll have to check it out.

Well, this'll do for now. I've been awake for 24 hours, and it's only just past midday. Where oh where did my night go...
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Have you ever looked at LuaBind. I've never used it personally but it looks like it can make binding C++ code to lua a whole lot easier.

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Mmm... Game Monkey looks really neat, and LuaBind looks like it'll make things easier, but it also looks a little complicated.

I think I'll give GameMonkey Script a try first of all.

Thanks for the links guys.

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