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23 Hours Straight - Whew

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Just recovered from 23 straight hours of writing. Lovely experience. I fell behind on the C++ book I'm writing and had to turn in 25% this past weekend. But I got it done! Just goes to show what you can do when your mind is in the right place! [smile]

Straylight Progress:

Design - Go Anywhere Gameplay
NAILED this one! [cool] After two midnight to five AM brainstorming sessions.

The plan: use UI to act as a gentle prompt that rewards you for handling the appropriate life area. You influence this UI with items and interactions (with people and the environment). It's a kind of a pushback system-- the UI will tell you you need to handle a life area if you want to improve, and you can take actions to push back. So the game constantly gives you dramatic goals, and you evolve yourself by accepting or rejecting them.

For those interested, there's a wild personality system underneath this that blends real and pop-psych. It's salted with Jungian archetypes, the Zodiac, Myers-Briggs and the Ennegram., (If your response is "whaaaaa?" don't trip. Just trust me.[grin])

This means serving on a starship as a crewmember, or being the captain, or being a cop or being a shopkeeper should work and work well!

Design - Levels
Refined "teleport throughout ships/levels" idea to HOPEFULLY make it acceptable & playable. If this works, could really save on development by not having to architect HUGE structures.

Design - Co-designer
Currently looking for a co-designer to help create some wargame like rule systems for changing universe idea. Not sure I'm ready to wade into Help Wanted just yet, looking locally first.

Business - Biz Plan
* 85% done with creating company objectives, including sales goals
* Created a few distribution strategies
* Still figuring out how to fund this monster

More to come!
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