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HID enumeration is in and working happily, though oddly enough it enumerates my keyboard twice (it appears to be in two places in the device tree for some reason). Next up I think I'll be trying to hook a particular device (probably the mouse) and use it to control the triangle spin speed or something...

I've got an idea about controller UI: you go to the configure controls screen, and can hit a 'choose device' button. The app will then listen to all HID devices for input, so you just hit a button on your crazy-ass Joystick #7 to select it as the input device. No selecting things from lists or anything. Should be user-friendly enough, I think.
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Maybe add some kind of control with Salling Clicker; I enjoy using my T610 as a game controller, and I'm sure N-Gage owners would enjoy the chance to use it to play a game as well.

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A quick look at the Salling Software site suggests that it employs Applescript... hnnnrgh. Maybe. If it requires making my games scriptable to the extent that scripts can call 'fire' and so on... there's notes about using applescript to simulate keypresses/mouseclicks too, but I have a feeling that'll bypass the HID layer. We'll see, I guess.

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The "simplest" (not necessarily easiest) way to do it would probably be to expose your game's movement code via AppleScript..

An AppleScriptable game would be pretty cool.. I could write a bot in it. [wink]

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The problem is that at some level I have to cut off any Mac-specific stuff because it's a platform independent project. Any applescripting would have to be really low level... I'm also not sure what the overhead is like.

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