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Rob Loach


Lately I've been playing around with third party GUI systems and got fed up so I started to make my own. I decided events would be the most crucial thing in it so I based the whole system around those. So far I just have a button class which is rather simple to set up. You create the button class and derive it from the GUI::Button class. You then create some functions in the class like Click(), MouseMove(), etc, add the class to the current game state by calling the AddGUIObject() function, and then the engine manages calling the functions for you. I think it's a rather effective system and plan to make some more "widgets" for it.

I'll start work on the textbox next. And yes, the engine handles what GUI object has the current focus.

Why do people call them widgets anyway?

Random Interest

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I'll post up some code, screenshots and more details about it sometime, probably later tonight.

Evolutional? Sure. I'll have a look. I probably won't use it though as this system is very easy to use as it is [grin].

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I have this thing that I'm making because I wasn't happy with the other ones that other people made because I didn't invent them. So I'm making my own. It's round and it translates angular motion into linear motion and vice versa. It's useful for moving things around. Why do they call them wheels anyway?

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Why do they call them wheels anyway?

But this isn't just any wheel! This is an ultra special personalilzed custom wheel with all the trimmings that rob could ever want!

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