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Why is game development never easy?

Yesterday evening I refactored my mesh class and my 3ds loader from my previous framework into Daedalus. Once I got the 3ds loader working correctly I wanted to test the drawing routines. Since I have arrays of data, I skipped immediate mode in OpenGL and implemented vertex arrays (currently only vertices, no normals or texcoords). I run the program, and I get a VPU crash, and a window asking me if I want to send ATI an email about it. So I hop onto #gamedev to check if I was using the vertex arrays correctly. I was. I take a few steps back and implement the rendering with immediate mode. Works. Display the vertex list as points using glDrawArray (thanks Promit). Works. Add in indices, but only render 1 triangle. Works. Restore full rendering. Crash the VPU. Upgrade drivers, try again. Crash VPU.

Today I tested on some other computers, with ATI and NVidia cards, and the program works flawlessly. --> So is my videocard broken?

Not only do we have to take into consideration different hardware configurations, different driver versions, but also keep in mind the hardware might be defect.

Some more testing this evening.
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We were having a similar problem on the last project I worked on. We'd get an ATI VPU crash on certain systems, but not on others. In the end (if I remember correctly) we determined it was a driver bug, but we were able to write a work around for it. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I doubt it's the same bug, and in our case we were using Direct3D, so we used the debug drivers to help us find the bug.

good luck =)

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