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Progress is progress

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Made some progress today, and I got some food too. That makes today a good day. wow, that's sad

  • VideoCore

  • Application class reconfiguration

  • ResourceManager implementations

  • video::Texture class (test)

  • util::ResourceFile

  • video::Color,video::Pen,video::Font

  • move OpenAL beyond setup

I slept late today, and I am on a roll so I think I'm going try to test all complete interfaces.

I'm going to examine each module line by line, write a few tests, and even check my docs (built using NaturalDocs)


I also, from time to time, work on a small php project that I use to maintain my webpages (ie. ZEngine) It's named cozTheme for historical reasons (the same reasons my GDnet username is cozman)

I'm thinking of modifying cozTheme to be nice with it's use of mySQL so that when I get photon online I could host a wiki on the Sourceforge server as well as the cozTheme database.

I know that most likely a Wiki prefixes all of it's variables, and it's likely I wouldn't have any problems, but at the moment cozTheme is extremely sloppy with it's db access.
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