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New config arrived

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Today i've received my new PC config:

- AMD 64 socket 939 PCX: Asus A8N SLI Deluxe NForce 4 PCX 16x
- CPU AMD 64 3500+ FSB 800 Hypertransport
- 2 Gb of RAM DDR 400 PC3200
- HD 200 Gb 7200 rpm 8 Mb cahe SATA 150
- GPU ATI Radeon 850 XT PE PCI Express 16x, 256 Mb DDR3
- Sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS
- Alim fortron Pro 400 watts silence 12 cm cooling
- Box case black silver pro screwless + Cooling 80 mm
- Accessories (keyboard, optical mouse, Win XP Pro)

Price: Around 2000 euros in a local shop.

Unfortuntely they messed up my command; i got an XP Home instead of an XP Pro, so i have to come back tomorrow to get XP Pro; plus they forgot the power cable :) (not a big deal though, i borrowed one of my old PCs).

Initially this config was based on an Athlon 64 FX 55, but they have troubles to order it, so i will get it in about 1 or 2 months. The 3500+ is only a "temporary" solution.

Haven't installed any game yet. I'm curious to see how Doom3, HL2 and Far Cry will run on it.

I did a few benchmarks with Sandra 2005 and i'm a bit disapointed with the CPU (but that's why i had initially ordered an Athlon FX 55, didn't i ?). Some results:
- Hard drive bandwidth: 41 Mb/sec,
- Memory bandwidth: 4.7 Gb/sec
- CPU Multimedia: 21000 it/sec (integer) and 22700 it/sec (float)
- CPU Arithmetic: 10061 MIPS and 3621/4697 (float/SSE2)

Today i also had a good laugh. In my mail box i received a letter from Microsoft about the XBox, stating that they had some issues with the power cable of some of their XBoxes and that i might have to replace mine. What's funny is that i actually have already ordered (and received) my new power cable :) But thank you Microsoft :)
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