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I'm planning on getting some dedicated Subversion hosting for my game and web projects. I'm growing pretty tired of jockeying things around on backup discs everytime I need to reinstall, move things around or otherwise. I'm also tired of having files such as: MantaX_01012005.zip knocking around, basically snapshots of a given day just thrown into an abitrary directory. I could run a local SVN install at home, I have a spare box lying around but I don't really know what I want to do with that. Eventually I want to install a BSD variant on there and play around with running a local Unix webserver, but that's a long way of.

So I come to Subversion. I've been using it a lot lately for an external project and must admit, I like it. It's great being able to rollback a file to a given version, its great being in the mindset that you work on some code, feel happy with it's progress, commit it like it's not a big deal and move onto the next task. Everything's reversable, everything's there in one pot when you need it.

I was looking over some dedicated SVN plans I found on Subversionary. Right now, I'm looking at svn-hosting.com's Plan S and the CVSDude Home plan.

They're both very similar in price but have a couple of differences that make it hard to decide.

On svn-hosting I'd pay US$5 p/m for 50Mb of space and unlimited user accounts.

But on CVSDude, it'd be US$18 p/3m for 20Mb of space and 3 users.

On paper, it seems that svn-hosting is the better deal, but what if I need to expand later? Surely the CVSDude accounts would be good when I need the bug tracker?

That said, I think I've just convinced myself. svn-hosting does sound like the better plan. I love this journal, I can talk to myself all day without polluting the main boards [grin].

It's a shame that GDNet doesn't offer personal SVN hosting [sad]
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You should suggest GDNet SVN hosting [grin]. The best solution would be to get your own server (lack of money is the issue with me).

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Mmm...why don't you use evolution by ionForge? I find it awesome (but I do take my backups by myself, regularly. Perhaps that's what you don't want?)

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Well yeah, I've tried evolution and it's great - but I want something I can use for both Linux and Windows. If I set my own box up, I'd set up apache with mod_svn and use that, but then I like the idea of off-site backups. Decisions, decisions.

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