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Finally got stuff to work.

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Monday was a bad coding day... couldn't get even the simplest things (that I've done many times) to work, my brain decided to unplug some major areas, apparently. Yesterday started bad, but as it got later it improved.

I got a very crude, slightly buggy chat program running. It's client/server, and I only tested it locally so far, but I was able to run several clients and all the chat data was properly propagated to all the clients.

I don't love the code design, so now that I have a working version I'm going to refactor it and then I'll take a couple of days to design an MMO server architecture (no coding, just on paper). This may involve a trip or two to the nearest bookstore to do some research.

Anyway, today I'm actually working on a cool fun task I can't tell you about... I got it working yesterday, I just need to improve the authoring side of it today.
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