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Laying low for a while

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Myopic Rhino


Because of my role here at GameDev.net, over the years I've interacted with a huge number of people, so it's no surprise that despite my best efforts, I've made an enemy or two. I've also seen many strange emails. But I've never seen anything like this:
From: TheOneAndOnly Goldberg
Subject: Goldberg

I'm THE ONE AND ONLY GOLDBERG and a friend of mine told me that your were giving him trouble so I'm gonna kick your ass. Yes, I truely am the one and only Goldberg from WCW. I'm a 7'2" mother fucker who's gonna mop the floor with you. Why I'm so strong that I'll turn you into a computer, yes, there will be a monitor over your head!!! Ha ha ha! THE ONE AND ONLY GOLDBERG ALSO KNOWS YOUR RACIST. What's all this talk about hating George Bush and not wanting to help Israel? Ahh? The one and only Goldberg will see you tonight, bitch! I bet you're a scrawny little mother fucker you computer nerd. Man, I'll damage your specs so just remember, the one and only Goldberg is watching you, you bitch ass, bug-eyed, can't get pussy, know it all geek. Your ass is mine!!! Ha ha ha... I like the sound of that!!!

Besides the obvious concern about his unusual interest in my ass, there's the fact that I'm really too busy to entertain a guest tonight.
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If we don't hear from you again, it's a safe assumption that you were caught in a Super Spinnin' Cobra Clutch with an Atomic Pile Driver, thus ramming your spinal column somewhere down near your ankles.

At least I think that's what'd happen. I gave up on wrestling around the time that Vlad The Evil Russian became Vlad The Friendly Glasnost Russian.

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