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Spent most of my programming time just optimizing :|
Not very fun, but gets the job done.

I'm still trying to find out how to do the color masking (keying), and the only way so far I can figure is have lots of bitmasks... there has to be an easy way to do this. If I can get the color masking working I can then do this:

In the map maker have an option 'Always Dynamic Render' which would mean that if the tiles were altered, the image would change. In the game mode the renderer would have a prerendered background image from the mapmaker, and the color mask. All the engine would then have to do is draw the actors with the appropriate masking. This would also allow people to manually edit the rendered image, making it look better with fine details...

The people over at Rpg2knet.com have decided that they like the idea of having a shading engine... working on a simple version...

On the linux side there still isn't networking, or Java working. I did get sound however. If anybody has any links on configuring Linux networking within VirtualPC 7 for mac, post them here!!

Have midterms coming up, so there ends up being less and less time for programming, but I figure that this is like a book: If you write everyday it will EVENTUALLY get finished... so I code at least a little everyday.

Rob was saying that he was working on a custom GUI... I started doing the same (no textboxes or the like, just simple buttons so far...) Feels pretty good do actually be ABLE to do something like this. I have it set up like this:

jtMenu menu = new jtMenu(30,30); //jtMenu with X,Y
jtButton button = new jtButton("Sprite Cache Key");
menu.drawToGraphics2D(g);//Where the g is the strategy.detDrawGraphics();

Anyway... back to programming :)
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