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In the last few days I didn't write any line of code. There were/still are some problems with the EL server, so we have to use an older (prior to the last update) version. Not a big deal, most of the new things that were added were non vital admin stuff, and some code rewrite. However, we can't do anything until we find and fix the bug. I am not taking care of this bug though, Rogue does.
On the Barren Moon side, I am in the software engineer mode. That is, I am thinking on what is the best way to implement buildings in the game. The buildings will have an outside (such as the shape of the building on the map), plus one or more insides (for example multiple rooms). This is going to be a challange to design and implement, because there are so many things to consider (I won't even go into explaining now). As opposed to my previous project, this time I will not write a single line of code for a module until I have a CLEAR picture in mind on what is the best way to implement it. In the last few days I almost came up with the general method, but I have to polish it a little and then think of any things I might have missed. So if I am happy with it, perhaps I will start implementing it in the weekend, and, if I am lucky, finish it by the end of the month.
I will keep you updated with the progress.
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