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Shader Templates

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I spent a lot of time creating some quality templates for the user to build materials with. So far I've got basic, 1 vert-light, 2 vert-light, 1 pix-light, 2 pix-light, and toon templates. I'm just now starting on a couple of bump templates. Also I've implemented a new lighting setup for the editor. I've decided not to make the light configuration dialog, which will allow the user to customize the editors lighting, until later in development. My main focus now is getting the shader creation and application enabled. Did I mention that I'm sick of working on this thing!! [smile] I can't wait to get back to my core library. Oh also I have added more semantics to the DE shader syntax. You can now get inverse, transposed, and inverse-transposed versions of each world, view, and perspective matrix. That's all I can think of for now.
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