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Ols - The 3 R's

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It still amazes me that people read this thing, but every day that I check back, my number of visitors has risen. Glad that this is proving enjoyable to some - even if it is only one very bored person at work who keeps on clicking refresh....

This week I have most been doing.....the 3 R's. However, my three are far more grammatically correct than the governments; Research, Research and Research. I know that this is technically only one R, but thats just boring.

Still working on collision detection and been trying to find the best method of doing this. Have found a load of different answers which are useful to varying degrees. It seems that I have been setting my sights too high though and attempting to overcomplicate things. Was working on a pixel-perfect collision detection algorithm when it occurred to me - after 5 days of working - that it is probably unnecessary to do that as most of the cars are pretty rectangular in shape and so I can use a far less exact algorithm and, in theory, still get very accurate results. So, this is what I am currently attempting to write.

I am so bored now!!
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