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Systems Engineer

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So I am now sitting here at 11pm on a work night, trying a little to get a business working, and also trying to learn whatever I can about Windows Server 2003, and more importantly Group Policies and Active Directory.

I somehow managed to land myself a fulltime job doing server builds and maintenance for Schools here through a pretty good company. What I lack at the moment is the skills they require, but I am happy to say I am learning the ropes, and I am glad they were desperate.

This is still a long way from the dreams of programming I had starting about 12 years ago, but I guess we all have to be content with what we get to do in life, and my job is pretty good now. At least I wont get put off programming from being forced to do it day-in day-out, and can then use income and free time for future pet projects.

I seem to be working 24 hours a day 8 days a week at the moment as I have the captioning contract stuff coming up in Brisbane over the next week when they need some hand-holding while they go live. This is a being a little crazygonuts with my schedule and I am just gonna have to ride it out until I have time to swim in my pool.

Did I mention that? I have recently moved from Canberra to Toowoomba (a good 13 hour drive it was) and am now living here with my wife (Philana) in our lovely 3 bedroom house and Pool. We have left the Appartment in Queanbeyan behind (currently tennanted) and moved on to bigger and better things. The only downside is the huge amount we are now indebted to the financial institutions for our mortgages, but I guess you can't just buy a house outright without that kind of commitment (or lottery winnings anyway).

Hope somebody reads this one day, someone that isn't me that is :P
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Hi Chris, i have read your journal, not that you will find out any time soon, but i thought i should mention it since you said you wish someone apart from you would read it. I know you are busy and i really sympathise with your situation. I however am broke but dont have a house to explain it. I have only just figured out that i have been a member on here since 2001, i guess i lost that memory somewhere along the way. The guys on TA helped me find you on here, so now i am reading all your inner thoughts and bitchings about me ;) i havent found any yet (and i'm sure you havent). Anyway best get going, back to the study. i have 3 exams coming up this week. Hope you have some fun, one of these days.
- Eriny.

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OMG... I can't believe you replied here... How did you find me... ARRRRRGHHH! Only took me 7 months to reply. Have talked to you more recently than that... But you should really try email ;)

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