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Keep an eye on this developer journal during the week of the GDC. I'll be restricting my most sarcastic commentary for it. The GDC coverage page is almost ready and will be up and running from the gamedev front page on 3/7. It'll link back to here, so it'll be easy to find.

Next, to all those Mac zealots who are calling Intel a copycat for making a small prototype PC, shut up already. Your beloved Mac Mini that Intel is shamelessly knocking off is itself a shameless knockoff of the Cuppucino PC's which have been around for years. The biggest functional difference is that they're cheaper and are available with a DVD burner, and the biggest stylistic difference between 'em is the pattern of vents on the top of the case.

So just quit it. Tiny PC's have been around since the freakin' Timex/Sinclair. Furthermore, the original Mac interface was borrowed from Xerox. Steve Jobs' NeXT cube design was lifted from Pixar.

"The fax machine is nothing but a waffle iron with a telephone attached!" -- Abraham Simpson
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Sooner than the Timex/Sinclair... the Timex is based on the ZX81 and the ZX80 came out a few years previous. [grin]

And the ZX80 was even smaller, if I recall correctly.

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Well to his credit Jobs did co-found Pixar and was the CEO at that time too (he still is I think)...

He did the cube at Pixar, NeXT and Apple. He finally sliced the cube in half, got it to a reasonable price and now he's the genius...if nothing else he's persistant.

I do think it's the prettiest of the commercial mini PCs. Those Cappuccino PCs look like they should be in a drive bay. Although they're cool and fit their niche well...

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However, it is fun to watch the Mac zelots squeal :-)

Remember, it's not new until Jobs or Gates does it.

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