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Uh oh

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Ok, now I'm having a bit of trouble
For drawing fonts on stuff on the screen, I used to use the D3DFont class in D3DX.. but there's a big problem, the D3DFont class doesn't follow the Z order of the rest of the stuff on the screen, so I thought about rendering the text into a new surface each time and using that surface as the texture over my stuff. It works, but it kills the system in a few minutes :/
I don't think D3D likes making a whole bunch of new surfaces and destroying them later on at every frame. Even simple things like the fps counter totally kill the system since they need to make a new surface very often.
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Hey Pouya =)

Yeah, I ran into this same problem, i had to resort to using an older class that was made by some other developer.

some kinda, CD3DFont or some class, the quality was terrible, monospaced fonts, ab-normal clipping, etc.

I have a new font engine in the works (custom bitmaped font format with character width data) and the 'type engine' that makes use of it to draw text.

I will try to remember to let you know when it is finished.


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