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One vaguely interesting thing about me: I have a greater than average propensity for breaking things. On one hand, this is bad: I go through hardware more frequently than your normal geek, and not because I mean to upgrade either. It also comes up in my coding style; I generally need to use a stronger type system than your average coder to avoid certain pernicious mistakes. On the other hand this is good: it makes me highly employable in quality assurance positions because I'm really good at finding where code breaks. Or really where anything breaks. Ask Michael Tanczos sometime about how many different times I broke the post parser for the new forums. ;)

So why am I mentioning this? Well, this time it's my scanner. I fire it up, and the lamp moves down the rails ... then *grind* *grind* *grind*. This pretty much rules out using mokume gane or Millefiori to generate textures for dodecahellspawn since I won't be able to scan them in.

Total known casualties during the dodecahellspawn project: 1 Python installation, 1 scanner.
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I'm not so certain that it was you who broke the post parser.. although for every frickin thing you'd find, I'd try to compensate for that case and it would break something else.

So I'd have to say.. you're astonishingly good at finding flaws.. and there's nothing wrong with that. =)

Michael Tanczos

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