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Oh yes, it shall be so

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Some day, when I've moved out into my own place and have the space/freedom/financial stability to do it, I'm going to get a kitten. Probably a female. And I'm going to call her 'Pixel.'

And she will run and she will pounce and she will scratch and she will mewl and she will climb and she will jump and she will do all the other things that kittens do. Because you can't stop them.
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And then she will grow into a cat, and ignore you except when she needs you for food. Dogs are much better for the ego.

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Dogs > Cats

Dog <---> God
Cat <---> Tac

... I don't know where I'm going with that.

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I'm fine with her growing up into a cat and then only using me for food, because the novelty will have worn off by then anyway... [rolleyes]

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