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Kernel & Tasks

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Cool progress on photon today, I added a State/StateManager which evolved into a Task/Kernel system. I've always liked Richard Fine's Enginuity series but most of it doesn't fit my style very well. I finally took some inspiration, my Task/Kernel system is similar in many ways to his, I made some STL tweaks, and I'm using boost::shared_ptr, but I feel like the series is owed some props nonetheless, my Task interface is extremely similar.

I'm completely changing the way that the entrypoint system is done, the previous system was a hack that made C++ look like Java. I made a post asking for advice, but unfortunately I haven't gotten any replies. I'm going for a system somewhere between 2 and 3 right now.

I rewrote test00 for photon, which is important because it's essentially the basecode, it makes an empty window, most of the other basic sample programs are tiny modifications on test00, especially with the new Task system.

Kelly gets back sometime today, and I'm getting sort of excited about starting my 3rd quarter Monday. It feels weird that I'm about to start my 3rd set of classes in college, when I think about it it doesn't seem like it's been 6 months since I lived back in Cary at all. At the same time, it feels like I've been here in Rochester way longer than 6 months. Maybe I'm a victim of some sort of time paradox, and I've been in rochester for like 2 years, but I've only been out of Cary for 3 months... that's probably what it is, time and space must have converged temporarily.
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