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Oh the joys

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So yesterday I did some more testing. I found a vertex array tutorial on the net, added my rendering code and 3DS loader (which I'm glad to say only took 10 minutes) and tested the same 3ds file. The program worked fine.

So I figured I must be doing something wrong in my own code. After some more tests, I removed most of the rendering that was happening (simply by not creating some objects that needed rendering). Still crashes. Then I removed almost all the code except for the rendering of the single mesh. That worked!

After adding things and removing them again I found out that a certain combination of OpenGL commands crashes my app. Remove any of the commands given, and it doesn't crash. The commandsequence is very simply and shouldn't result in a crash, so I figured the problem is either driver or hardware related, or possibly the creation of the window has specific settings which conflict.

To test the last option, I recreated the same commandsequence in the tutorial code, and what do you know ... the app crashed. So I'm happy to say it isn't my app, but something else. This weekend I'll probably try a few driver revisions to see if that solves the problem. Barring that, I'll also implement display lists, so I can use them instead of vertex arrays (I'm assuming they will work correctly). Then at least I can continue working on my code.

On a happier note, FedEx is trying to deliver a package to me from Canada. They've tried twice, but no one was home. I'm guessing it's from ATI, and I'm hoping that it's the videocard from the Brew OpenGL ES contest. If it is, the above problems might 'magically' disappear when I install it :D.
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