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Home again. Time for a screenshot!

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As now it is the weekend, and I have resolved to return to work on the project come the weekend, my conscience will rest easy knowing that I have, indeed, accomplished my goal.

Such efforts have lead to the completion of my Object-Oriented conversion of my editor. Visually, difference can be noted in the fact that you can now drag around the different elements of the editor, positioning them wherever is most convenient.

Next up the line is saving and loading multiple map files. I have given myself a deadline of the end of Sunday to complete this section.

For the time being, here is a screenshot of the result of another day's work:

I am approaching the point in the editor where I may call it complete. If I don't have any more good ideas to add to it, I will name it Version 1.0b, and begin development of the actual simulator agents. If anyone has any good ideas for the editor, please comment, and I will decide whether they should or should not be implemented. Please note when suggesting ideas that the editor is merely an interface designer, meant to supply the 'world' in which the simulated agents will interact. Thus, no additions involving realtime modifications will be needed, such as: scripting engine, weather patterns, animation, etc. This is a static world editor whose sole purpose is to ease the development of 'maps' to be used, instead of manually writing them in a text editor.

Regardless, good idea or bad, I thank you in advance for your input.
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Recommended Comments

Looks great!
No crits other then to maybe add text to the inner windows.
This will help especially if you have more then one map open.

The next thing to add would be the undo and redo buttons :)

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