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Holy Lack Of Updates Batman!

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Rob Loach


It seems I have been missing out on posting for a past few days. I've been uber busy with programming stuff for other people I haven't really had time to work on Lucid lately. These include a PHP script to generate an RSS feed for $17, a complete website to view artist information and pictures, and a calculator done in C#.

I did, however, do a little more work on the GUI system in Lucid. You can now use sprites as GUI objects. I don't want to waste (?) more time on the GUI system though, so I'll complete the basic elements needed to create an in-game menu and then I'll move onto bigger and better things. You can now take screenshots with the F12 key as well. They are saves as screenshot-i.bmp in the program directory.

Also, the sprite engine has seemed to stop working sadly. When you choose a different tile for a sprite and attempt to rotate it, it doesn't render the rotated tile image. Could be a number of things and I'll have a better look at it sometime next week.

Random Interest

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... Your anus is bleeding?

Yes, because menu systems are just so much fun! [smile]. Designing them isn't really fun. I have some ideas laid out for the menu system and a message box type thing.

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