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Those of you who actually read the title of my previous entry may have been left wondering what new twist on an old game I was talking about. That's because, um, I forgot to mention it. [smile]

One of the excercises near the beginning of the book is to redesign Noughts and crosses for three players. So here's my attempt, "Tri-tac-toe" as I call it. I've not tested it yet, so I don't know how well it works - if anyone tries it out, please let me know how it goes.

  • Players: The game is for three players.
  • Objectives: The objective for any given player is to construct a line of three of their own symbols in any horizontal, vertical or diagonal position.
  • Boundaries: The game is played on a three by three grid.
  • Procedures:

    Players take it in turn to play (using an invariant sequence).

    On his turn, a player must either:

    • "Place:" Place his symbol in an empty square, or
    • "Toggle:" Change a square containing the symbol of one of the other players, to containing the symbol of the *other* other player. (So if player 1 wants to toggle a square with player 2's symbol in it, the symbol is replaced with player 3's.)

    That is the end of that player's turn. Play continues until any player achieves the objective (three symbols in a row) - it does not have to be their turn for this to happen.

As I say, let me know if you try it (or if it seems obvious to you that it will/won't work as it stands). I think it should create some interesting strategic play - player 1 makes his moves based on when he thinks player 2 is going to toggle player 3, etc...

The alternative idea that I'm just considering is something playing off the fact that a 3x3 grid allows for an equal number of symbols for each player. Something functioning in reverse - all three players start with three symbols on the board and have to 'knockout' the other players somehow. Eh, something to think about.
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