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By now I've added support for Display Lists and VBO to Daedalus. Display Lists work correctly, VBO gives me the same crashes as regular VA. I'm not going to spend anymore effort on finding the problem since I'm pretty sure it's driver/hardware related. All I need at the moment is static data, which fits perfectly into a Display List, so I'm good to go.

What I've also done is reworked the resource manager, so it can now store arbitrary classes, with NO requirement to the classes, not even that they should inherit some base class. The only requirement is that the loading of a should happen through a specific kind of function, but this is no problem.
Also, I can now use options while loading resources. The manager passes the option struct into the loading functions which can take action depending on the setting. This is how I am easily able to switch between the different rendering methods. I've also added the option of mipmapping a texture or not.

Still wondering what that package is. I'm going to stay home tomorrow, so I'll know soon.
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