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SQL in 3 days.

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I've been wanting to learn SQL for over a year now. I haven't really had an excuse to buckle down and learn it though.

Until 2 days ago, when I was offered a job interview on Monday, requiring four main skills. C++, C#, .NET, and SQL. Since I've written books on three of the subjects, I don't think I'll have a problem, but regardless, I wanted to get a head start on SQL anyways.

So I bought a book.


"Transact-SQL Programming" by O'Reilly. I am thouroughly disappointed. This book is completely mindboggling and confusing; he starts going IN DEPTH about Transact-SQL (an SQL extension) in chapters 1 and 2, before you even know what the hell SQL is in the first place (you learn that in Chapter 3)...


So I went onto MSDN and started learning from Microsofts tech docs. And they're 100x more informative. The only problem is that I have to be near a computer to read it, rather than being able to relax in my comfy-chair.
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You could always get a laptop. Or, better yet, a tablet.

But a tablet makes people look a little like Wesley Crusher.

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