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New BG

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I finally got gnome to boot under X11. For those of you that don't know what that is, it means that it is running natively on XDarwin (the underlying OS of mac OS X).

With full hardware acceleration, I can finally stand to use gnome :) I was so happy that I even made a new background. But ten I found out that I can't run Java apps under X11. arg. This means that I can't do java testing under X. Almost all the major packages for the standard linux distros have been ported over to Darwin, but because OSX has support for java (wonderfull support, works the best out of any OS I believe) they probably won't ever port it over.

As far as more game programming goes, I worked on the drawing algo again. This time I made it so that if you can't see a vert graphic it doesn't draw it. Ahh... the simple things.
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