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Sunday is almost over and I don't feel like I accomplished anything this weekend. Well, that's not entirely true, I did find that I'm not gonna be able to use EaseImport http://www.easeproduction.new.fr. I liked its simplicity and how easy it was to get something up and running, but it appears to be buggy. I thought the problem was on my end, but I saw a post on the site's forum where someone else is experiencing the same issue. If the issue were to be fixed relatively soon, then I'll give it another shot, but I won't be as patient, I already wasted a lot of time.

For now, I'm back to using Flexporter (http://www.codercorner.com), but unfortunately, it is giving me its share of problems. For once, this is a significantly more complex software, so integrating into an existing project is not as easy. And the other part is that again, I'm experiencing some strange behavior with me model's pointer, so it's crashing when I'm trying to build it. This time, I'm pretty sure the problem is on my end, I'm just getting tired, so it becomes difficult to spot problems.

Anyway, I'll have more (though, not much more, since I'll be at work all day) tomorrow.


Got flexporter working, I can now load the files, (geometry only). I'll do the textures tomorrow, then I'll move on to loading animations (skeleton hierarchy and the like). But now I gotta go to bed. yay.
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