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The Journal Post of Doom

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Stephen R


You've probably all read johnhattan's anti-engine-coding rant (if not you can grab it here). Its really put me thinking about whether or not to continue developing my engine. On the one hand every point he makes is valid, but on the other I enjoy working with a system which I've built mostly by myself.

My engine, being in such a larval state is riddled with bugs and flaws. If I wanted to make games quickly I would have been better off using some 3rd party engine, or even shifting language to the likes of python. But I really enjoy working on my engine, and using it, even if it is a bit challenging at times, is immensely satisfying.

I don't know. It seems I have a choice - make my engine or make games. Though I might be able to comprimise and work on games using a 3rd party engine till mine is up to scratch, but in the end I really have to just decide. *sigh*
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Hi Stro,

While John's posts are usually very helpful. I've found this engine piece to be the worst. Don't listen to it at all. It's not all about doing one or the other either. For instance, I've always been working on engines and have always been making games. That's how I like it.

Don't give up and don't let that article stress you. It sounds like you like to make engines and that IS what matters. So my advice is to continue building your engine but go make a very simple game (pong for instance) with someone else's engine. It may give you valuable ideas about what you want and don't want in your own engine.

Good luck

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I'd been thinking about it since I posted and basically came to the same conclusion as you suggest. I'm probably going to invest in Torque which I can use to make games, but keep on working on my engine till its operational

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