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Well, today was a good day. Didn't do any coding, but I received the package and it was indeed the prize from the contest. An nice and fast ATI X800 XT Platinum Edition. Thank you ATI and Qualcomm. I've been running some nice demos on it the entire evening. My shuttle pc seems to handle the cards fine, but I'm a bit afraid of the temperatures the case will reach if I put the casing back on. I'll keep an eye on that to see how it goes.

I've also gotten an email from Kosmos, and it's okay for me to let people download War of the Roses. If you do give it a swing, please post your specs here

I've also done a quick test on the current version of Daedalus, and as I thought, my VA and VBO code is just fine, the program works now. So it was probably a driver bug.
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I've seen people cut a hole in the side of their Shuttle cases and install a large fan... consider it. Those cases are very cramped inside, and definitely not designed for gaming (or even desktop) components.

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I have an SB51G and the original case had a few lines of holes in the side towards the bottom. I had a 9800 Pro and the fan burnt out (not sure if related to case) and it overheated. I replaced with a 9800 Pro AIW and replaced the top of the case with black one that has a mesh over the entire side and I've had absolutely no problems.

If your shuttle model doesn't have this type of case I think you can order one from Shuttle for pretty cheap.

As for the first comment, I've had my shuttle for a couple of years now, its a P4 2.4, with a 9800 Pro and it's been absolutely perfect for gaming. Like I said about one of my cards overheated but I think it was because of a defective fan on the card. I replaced the broken fan with large heatsink and the card works fine but wont fit in the shuttle anymore. I've had the 9800 Pro AIW in for about 6 months.

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