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GDC 2005: Many Meetings

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Well, I've been here for all of 6 hours and I've already run into a ton of people: Dave Weinstein (Red Storm), Francois Dominc Laramee, Rudy Geronimo (IGDA), Jason Della Rocca (IGDA), Dustin Clingman (Full Sail), Wade Tinney (Large Animal Games) and many more. I wish at the time I had thought to take all their pics. As it is, all I got are these shmucks

Erm... I mean... thses guys. *cough* [lol]

No, really - they're my buddies from the IGDA NJ chapter: Dan Brady, Mike Sweeney (CheapAss Gamer) and Coray Seifert (Large Animal Games/Blade Edge Software).

I will now be sure to catch everyone I meet on camera, even if it's them holding their hands in front of their faces. [evil]
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You know, i would kill anyone you wanted me to for one of those pens.

Or i can buy one from you :)..too bad i couldnt make it to GDC this year.

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Did I hear someone say surplus?? Maybe [wink] Really tho, pens are a hot hot hot item at GDC, so I doubt we'll have any left over.

But still... maybe

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