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Bomberman is nearly done!

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Evil Steve


Yes, I know I've been saying this for the past week, but I really mean it now. It'll definitely be done tomorrow, and then I'll chuck it on my showcase.
I spent ages trying to get the sodding A* to work, and to get the "run away from bombs" logic working. But now it's perfect. The damn AI keeps whipping me [sad]

Well, have a couple more screenshots. The pink line is for debugging (I added it to my AI API to make things easier) - that's the path that A* chose.
This is the real first map:
Map 1

And this is the messed up version I was testing with, which is more interesting:
Map 2
That mess of brown pixels was a wall (The explosions can go through walls of 1 tile). When the bomb was placed, I was just to the left of that square (The player is the penguin on the left, I'll change the graphics tomorrow). The AI decided it was quicker to blow a hole in the wall than it was to go around (Yay A*), so it dropped the bomb. Then it suddenly crapped itself because it realised it was in the path of a bomb. So it ran away to the square just to the lower right of where it is now. Then the bomb blew up, and it came after me.
Actually, thats a slightly older AI version. The new version doesn't risk going through the explosion unless it really needs to. It now will go around to the right of that piller and over the top instead of up the left side.

Well, I just have a few minor bits of fine-tuning to get on with, and then it's done. I still need to:
  • Get some in-game music (I'll probably use more Machinae Supremacy)
  • Get some sound effects for when bombs blow up, walls explode, powerups get collected, and players die
  • Change the player and AI graphics to look different
  • Change the icky pixel particle effect to use some small quads or something
  • More maps. There's only 1 at the moment, which isn't very interesting :P
    I may also add load and save options. I had them before, but removed them. But they'd be a nice addition I think.

    Well, I'm gonna do a tiny bit more, then goto bed. It's almost 3am here. Wheeeee!
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